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PTFE is a very dense material and is well known for Its Chemical Resistance, Low & High Temperature Bearing capability [ -70°c to + 250°c], resistance to Weathering, Low Friction, Electrical & Thermal Insulation, And Non-Stick Surface. The material is offered in Natural as well as Filled Grades like Glass Filled, Bronze, Graphite and arbon Filled Grades.
Typical Product Applications : Bearings, Bushings, Rollers, Solid askets, ‘O’ Rings, Bellows, Seals, Plugs, Washers, Tank Liners, Feed Heads, Flanges.
Classic Polymers Manufactures PTFE in form of Rods, Tubes, Sheets, Cords, Tapes, askets, ‘O’ Rings, Washers, As well as Custom-Made Components.

POLYACETAL [‘D’ Gd.] – White / Black
Acetal provides high strength and stiffness, enhanced Dimensional stability with excellent machineability. It’s semi-crystalline structure is characterized by a Low co-efficient of Friction and good Wear properties. The material has a High Modulus of Elasticity, Rigidity And Good Electrical Properties. It offers excellent Resistance to Moisture, Gasoline, solvents & many
Other neutral chemicals and is recommended for Operating temperatures upto 82°c.
Typical Product Applications : Bearings, Bushings, Electrical Insulators & Electrical Components, Gears, Machine Guides, Rollers, Timing Screws, Anti-Friction
Parts, Pulleys.
Classic Polymers Manufactures Polyacetal in form of Rods From 6 mm. to 250 mm. Diameter in Meter & Foot Lengths, Sheets from 10 mm. to 70 mm. Thickness in sizes of 1000 x 620 mm. and we also provide custom-fabricated

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