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UHMW PE [Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene] ‘U’ Gd.
This is a Light-Weight, Non-Hygroscopic Material having Good Thermal & Insulating properties. The material has Excellent Wear, Abrasion & Corrosion Resistant properties. It is a superb lining material offering Low Friction, Chemical Resistance, High Stress Crack Resistance, Non-Stick Surface and recommended for working temperatures upto 82°c.
Typical Product Applications : Sprockets, Star wheels, Liners, Conveyor Rollers, Idlers, Feed Screws, Wiper Blades, Bottling Plant Conveyor Profiles.

Classic Polymers Manufactures the material in form of Rounds From ½ inch to 4 inch Diameter in Meter Lengths and Blocks Ranging from 10 mm. to 150 mm. Thickness, Profiles and Custom Components.

PP is an economical material that offers a combination Of outstanding physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal & Electrical properties. PP has a high corrosion resistance Offering excellent resistance to organic solvents, degassing Agents & Electrolytic attacks. The material offer low Impact strength but good tensile strength but excellent Resistance to acids and alkalines. Recommended work Temperatures is 82°c.
Typical Product Applications : Chemical resistant Tanks And Linings, Plating Barels, Die Cutting Pads, Impellers for Pumps, Chopping Boards for Food Industry.
Classic Polymers Manufactuers PP Rounds from 1 inch To 12 inch Diameter in Meter and Foot Lengths, Sheets From 3 mm. to 100 mm. Thickness in Sizes of 2 Meter x
1 Meter and 1 Meter x 1 Meter depending on the thickness And we also offer custom-made components for varied Industry.


HDPE [‘H’ Gd.] – White :
This semi-crystalline material Offers excellent impact resistance, light weight, low moisture Absorption, High Tensile Strength & is a Non-Toxic and Non-Staining material.
Classic Polymers Manufactures HDPE Rounds from 1 inch to 12 inch Diameter in Meter Lengths, Sheets from 10 mm. to 70 mm. Thickness is size of 1 Meter x 1 Meter and we Also offer Custom-Made Components

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