Company Profile

‘CLASSIC POLYMERS & RESINS’’ established in 1980 is an ISO 9001:2015 & NABCB QM 003 accredited organization and one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of high performance polymers/ engineering plastics viz: NYLON [Cast & Extruded], UHMW PE, POLYURETHANE, POLYACETAL, PTFE, POLYPROPYLENE, HDPE and HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMERS to name a few in the form of basic shapes viz: RODS, SHEETS, TUBES as well as CUSTOM-MADE COMPONENTS tailored to suit your every application.

Our Products are Marketed under our Registered Trademark and Brandname : ‘AARKAYMID’®
Setting industry benchmarks with our strong presence for decades has led to our name being synonymous with ‘QUALITY & APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT’ through continuous R & D and strictly monitored Quality Production Programs in our highly advanced manufacturing facility where our best-in-class products are made and carefully surface finished to perfection.

‘AARKAYMID’® Range of Engineering Plastics is being used by modern engineers to their advantage to substitute metal components in the process of yielding significant mechanical/ operational synergies and for virtually maintenance-free operations of equipment.

At ‘Classic Polymers & Resins’ we believe in growth through continuous upgradation of our facilities in line with the latest technologies for production of the ‘AARKAYMID’® range of materials.

Our continuous and innovative efforts toward the development of new products to take care of our customers’ needs is the key focus. At ‘Classic Polymers’ we believe in building a lasting relationship with every individual customer.

Using ‘AARKAYMID’® Range of Engineering Plastics means practicing ‘Absolute Efficiency’ and ‘True Economy.’ That is why we say ‘AARKAYMID’® range of engineering plastics is a material worth investing in…


‘AARKAYMID’ ® is the Registered Trademark & Brandname for ‘Classic Polymers & Resins’ Engineering Plastics

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